We had a lot of fun talking about our tech, gameplay, and game modes at GDC 2017! For those who weren't in attendance, here are some links to watch some of the lectures we made:

Level Design Workshop: Rewarding Exploration in 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided'
by Clémence Maurier

'Deus Ex: Breach': Experimenting Within the Boundaries of a AAA Franchise
by Fleur Marty

Storytelling is a Team Sport
by Rayna Anderson

For those who have premium access to the GDC Vault, you can access the rest of our presentations at the following links:

Simple and Powerful Animation Compression
by Nicholas Frechette

From Shore to Horizon: Creating a Practical Tessellation Based Solution
by Jean-Normand Bucci et Nicolas Longchamps

A City of a Thousand Choices: Prague City Hub in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
by Sylvain Douce

We hope to see you next year at GDC 2018!