Welcome again to Eidos-Montréal’s “Crafting Emotions” series of videos! This series puts the focus on one developer per episode, showing how their passions enhance and fuel their creativity within their respective fields of expertise. Our studio is all about close-knit teams and giving our developers the opportunity to leave their mark on the games they work on.

Episode 7 of our Crafting Emotions series features Jeremy Bonventre, and how his creative passion influences his role as a Production Coordinator! Enjoy!

Q&A w/ Jeremy Bonventre, Production Coordinator at Eidos-Montréal

How did you get into the industry?

It all started as a summer job where I was a QA tester for an outsourcing company. I was studying communication at that time and didn’t have any idea of what I wanted to do with my life other than playing guitar in a famous rock band. After realizing that this wasn’t a viable career path, I got interested in project management and discovered that there were actual career opportunities in that field of video games. As I got my first QA lead opportunity for a music video game project, I started studying management, which really helped me develop my skills. From there, I continued to evolve in that company and eventually got recruited at Eidos Montreal as a QA Lead in Square-Enix’s QA department. Through the years, I met developers across the different projects I was in charge of and that’s when I realized that I wanted to work in video game production. I was really fascinated by the producer job and how that role binds everyone together. One thing lead to another, I jumped aboard the production side 2 years ago where I’ve been working as a production coordinator on The Avengers Project since then.

What do you think makes working in Montreal special?

Montreal is a vibrant city with so much things to do and see. Being so multi-cultural, Montreal has a lot to offer in terms of diversity meaning that you do not need to go abroad to experience other cultures. This is also a great place for families as the city offers tons of activities all year long. Having many green spaces, you don’t need to go outside of the city to enjoy outdoor time with your kids.

What do you love most about your job?

Because my job requires me to collaborate with so many different disciplines and so many talented people, I learn so much everyday about how games are developed and how to make them great. Being part of this process and feeling that my team values my contribution and my ideas is one of the most gratifying aspect of my work. Seeing people’s reactions to games we work on and how it affects them emotionally is probably the best feeling in the world too!

What’s your most memorable experience at the office?

Probably when we were preparing for the launch of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Because at that time I was leading QA and everything was going through me for final approvals and recommendations, it felt so gratifying to know that so many people trusted me with this. People thanking my team and me at launch for the overall success felt amazing.

What’s unique about working at Eidos-Montréal?

Working on major AAA video game titles, but with smaller teams where everyone knows everybody and where communication flows naturally. Because we’re not huge teams like some other studios, everyone feels empowered by the work they do as it directly contributes to the success of the games we make. Also, everyone’s voice can be heard which really helps in feeling that you are part of a unified group where all that really matters, is creating impactful experiences for our players.