Welcome to Eidos-Montréal’s “Crafting Emotions” series of videos! This series will feature one developer per episode, showing how their passions enhance and fuel their creativity within their respective fields of expertise. Our studio is all about close-knit teams and giving our developers the opportunity to leave their mark on the games they work on.

Episode 1 features our prestigious Presentation Director, Eric Bellefeuille, and focuses on his unique interest in Ferro fluid. Be sure to also check out the interview below this video for more details on Eric’s career, and his experiences at Eidos-Montréal. Enjoy!

Q&A w/ Eric Bellefeuille - Presentation Director @ Eidos-Montréal

How did you get into the industry?

After close to a decade of graphic design in the print industry, I ended up becoming interested in building something more meaningful, rather than simply producing static print images. Slowly but surely, I began building websites as a designer, and was mentored by two amazing architects in this field. After gathering the proper UX/UI knowledge, I decided to take a leap of faith into the game industry, which for me was the next logical phase of my career. I have been a gamer since the age of 8, and by combining my passion for gaming to a concrete professional expertise, it just felt like the right step to take. It looks like I made the right choice in the end!

What do you think makes working in Montreal special?

Montreal has a lot to offer, both regarding personal lifestyle and for anyone who wants to work in the game industry. The city is surrounded by an insane amount of world-class talents and managed to attract a great deal of international profiles. I have travelled quite a bit in my career, and I have no problem saying that Montreal is superior to any other game studio locations I’ve worked within by a significant margin. The maturity of the game development scene is very evident, and the knowledge pool is considered to be one of the best worldwide. Also, Montreal experiences the full cycle of all 4 seasons, which makes it a very unique place to live. Many of my friends from Europe always end up posting their first walk in the forest during the amazing fall season, or when they experience their very first snowfall.

What do you love most about your job?

The creative aspects of my job pushed me to go outside the standard, stereotypical boundaries. The creative freedom I have in my every day job makes it a very unique experience, and it always feels refreshing seeing team members across the studio coming to my team, asking us to provide them with our latest work so they can use it as wallpaper background. Being surrounded by numerous friends at work also helps make the creative process even more enjoyable. You know you have a great job when you arrive at the office on a Monday morning and are eager to jump back on your tablet to craft something fresh and unique.

What’s your most memorable experience at the office?

Launching Deus Ex Human Revolution was the highlight of my entire career as a game developer. It was magical to see so many years of hard work from everyone at the studio ending up all over the press, with just an insane amount of positive reviews. You can work in the game industry for your entire life and never receive such a high level of recognition from gamers. I feel humbled to have been part of one of the greatest Cyberpunk video game productions ever made.

What’s unique about working at Eidos-Montréal?

The creative strength is limitless. We work with the best talent in town, and the leadership within the studio is unified, helping to create a very positive environment the team. I have a lot of respect for my coworkers, and this plays a large role in my desire to work at Eidos-Montréal. I know very well what can be accomplished, and I also know that Eidos-Montréal will push my creativity to it’s very limits, effectively helping me to further improve my already established skills.  I can't wait to see what we will release to our gaming fans out there. It is also great to see management investing in increasing the knowledge base of the staff, done by providing training sessions that also help us to grow as game Devs (Houdini training, coaching, mentoring, emotional intelligence, offsite gathering, etc).